Building a close relationship with the grower....


Importer of high quality, small scale farmer, naturally organic coffee beans grown according to Relationship Coffee Business Model standards with environmentally sound and sustainable farming practices.


The Relationship Business Model is based on layers of trust - between the small scale grower and the processor and between the consumer and the processor. Direct Trade with the small scale farmer, eliminating the middleman, is the foundation of the relationship business model.

The Relationship Business Model reassures the buyer about the high quality of the product and the producer that sustainable income is being directed to the farmers and their families.

For me there is something very satisfying about being able to trust people – rather than corporations.

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Relationship Coffee is NATURALLY ORGANIC !

These African farmers have grown coffee for generations using only naturally organic methods. Naturally organic means they have never used chemicals. The coffee beans are all hand picked, sorted and dried according to age old techniques passed on from generation to generation.

Relationship Business Model


Relationship Coffee Business Model is rooted in a direct working relationship with small scale farmers.

No middlemen.

These small scale farmers are encouraged to be part owners in the Relationship Coffee Business so they may have a sustainable income to provide for the nutritional, medical and educational needs of their families.

The added benefit of ownership will help farmers to become more self sufficient and less dependant on North American brokers, which often take a significant piece of the profit pie.



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 Now selling green beans and roasted beans in any quantity you need.

Discover the impact of "supply and demand" dilemma on Uganda coffee farmers.   

Why is the Relationship Business Model unique?

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This group is a network of non-government organizations that believe Africa's plentiful natural resources, like gold and diamonds, can be a source of growth and development instead of a vehicle for conflict.



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